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  • Printing and Fulfilment Shipping Roundup

    Faster Fulfilment, New Surface Shipping and Many Improvements (Monthly Roundup October 2021)

    Dear Merchants,

    Hope everything is well with you and your family!

    It’s been a quarter now since we last touch-based on what’s happening at Printrove and so we wanted to share with you today - every little thing that might add value to your selling journeys’ with us.

    Fulfilment Timeline and Out of Stock

    Starting with the most frequently asked question to our team and on our
    Facebook group, as promised, we’re happy to inform you that 90% of your orders placed on Printrove will now be shipped in 2 to 3 working days!

    With the second wave of Covid-19 cases, we saw the entire apparel industry take a massive hit and disrupt our operations. This led to more and more out-of-stock products and therefore, longer dispatch times during the last quarter.

    However, as of today, we are relieved to bring to your knowledge that we are well stocked up for the festive season and as a result, the majority of your orders would be dispatched well in time.

    We hope you understand that exceptions are always there and to help you with the same, we have a dedicated customer success team who will assist you with any concern/issue.

    Discounted Shipping Services

    Additionally, when our team had been processing a couple of bulk orders in the last week, we observed that most of our Merchants needed better shipping rates for bulk orders.

    So we sat down with our shipping partners and introduced Surface Shipping Services to lower the cost of shipping one t-shirt to Rs. 6 in the case of bulk orders.

    Read more about surface shipping partners here.

    Improvements on the Printrove Merchant Panel

    Moving on, the following are a few minor improvements that would help you with your work productivity while using the Printrove Merchant Panel.

    • Plain and Inventory Label

      Any order that has plain or inventory products will now have a PL and INV label added next to it for you to simply differentiate it from other order products.

    • Cancel an Order from the Merchant Panel

      With this new addition, you can simply cancel an order on the Printrove Merchant Panel even after it has entered the ‘Processing’ stage.

      The shipping charge would be automatically refunded back to your credits and your order would be added to returns once it has passed the Quality Check Stage so you can reship it to any other customer.

      We understand that your customer might request a change in color or cancel the order after the order enters the processing stage and this feature comes in handy right when you need it! 

    • Don’t lose your New Order Cart

      You never know when you might lose your WiFi network but in any case, you no longer need to worry about losing your New Order details on Printrove.

      While you are creating a new order, Printrove auto stores all the details to local storage so even if you shut down your system and come back, everything will be already there, right where you left it!

      Isn’t this cool? There’s more.

    • Get your Design Quality rated while Placing an Order

      Do you ever wonder if the quality of your design is good enough for digital printing?

      Well, we hear you, and effective immediately, you would now see the Design Quality on any design you upload while placing a new order.

      existing products, you can simply head over to the Product Library and click on the product to edit it. Once you click on the edit icon, you would be able to see the Design Quality.

      The better the quality of your designs, the better the overall quality of your printed products!

    Product and Print Quality Enhancements

    Last but not the least, we also have made a few necessary fixes and improvements in the product and print quality in the last few months. Find them below:-

    • Neck Labels on Hoodies and Sweatshirts

      If you had opted in for Inside Neck Labels for your brand, it was disheartening to know that due to the nature of the fabric present in Hoodies and Sweatshirts earlier, your Inside Neck labels could not be added to these products.

      However, after multiple revisions and closely working with the product team, we’ve been able to fix this and therefore, none of your apparel products would go unbranded now. 

    • Print fading Issues on White T-shirts fixed

      In the last month, it had come to our notice that the prints on a few white t-shirts started to fade after a couple of washes.

      We immediately got to the root of this issue and have resolved the same. Rest assured, we've also taken the necessary steps to prevent it from happening again.

    • White Pop Grips added to the collection

      Due to high demand for black pop grips in the last quarter, our suppliers went out of stock and so we had to introduce the all-new white color.

      Currently, all pop grips that are being shipped have their base as white and we request you to kindly update the product description on your store as well.

    Closing thoughts and Diwali Wishes!

    Lastly, we would like to mention that as we head towards the festive season, we’re scaling up our team on the operational and customer success end to be able to serve you well.

    With these additions, we're prepared to be on our toes and ensure that you continue to have a positive experience with Printrove. 

    Before we sign off, we would also like to wish you a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali! We truly hope that this Diwali blesses you and your family with the best of everything.

    Kindly note that on account of the celebrations, we'll not be operational on the 4th of November, 2021. However, your orders should not be impacted in any way as we will resume production from the 5th of November, 2021.

    Liked something or wanted to share your thoughts on the above improvements? Do let us know below and we'll be happy to check them out.

    The Printrove Army

    Shrey Jain

    Shrey Jain