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    Discounted Shipping Prices for Bulk Orders - Surface Shipping Partners

    Dear Merchants,

    Hope everything is going well!

    When our team had been processing a couple of bulk orders in the last week, we observed that most of our Merchants needed better shipping rates for bulk orders.

    With the air-based shipping prices in place, shipping 100 t-shirts from Chennai to Mumbai would have cost you Rs. 2400, averaging about Rs. 24 per t-shirt.

    This felt unfair and so we sat down with our shipping partners to understand what best can be done here.

    Introducing Surface Shipping Partners!

    Surface Shipping is a logistics service wherein the shipments are sent through the land. It is slower than air shipping but you can save as high as 75% on your shipping costs!

    Therefore, starting today, you would find the following shipping companies added to your Merchant Panel based on the total weight of your order:

    • Delhivery Surface (2 kgs) 
    • Delhivery Surface (5 kgs) 
    • Delhivery Surface (10 kgs) 
    • Delhivery Surface (20 kgs)

    Here is a table below which shows the % cost you can save in shipping through the addition of these surface shipping partners:-

    Please note that all the above calculations have been done from the city of Chennai (600110) to Mumbai (400001) for demonstration purposes. Your cost might slightly vary but we hope you get the point. 

    Shipping 100 t-shirts to Mumbai would just cost you Rs. 6 per unit now! 

    So the next time you're looking to fulfill a bulk order and are okay with a slightly higher shipping timeline (5 to 7 days from dispatch), do explore Surface Shipping partners.

    Your friends at Printrove

    Shrey Jain

    Shrey Jain